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I View age as a Level.....

Just because I call myself rplayin, doesn't mean i'm a player or a lady slayer: It's a stage name, presentin what i'm representin and that is an actor on the stage of life. NOW PLAYIN...
The psalms of King Mark
I consider myself a king whom bares no ring and is ruler of no one, as no one shall rule over me. Order is best opposed to anarchy, because if the strongest of all evil survived, we would lose poetry. I am a thorn on the stem of the rose that protect's the heart to keep away all foes. I am a fighter with a pen in his fist. A lyracist who loves writing words and plotting a twist. I love looking up at the skies and dreaming of a place better then this. Everything isn't always what it seems to be. If we closed our eyes we could see, that beauty is ugly and ugly is beauty. We are like hoovering stars and fish caught in the net, not knowing that our objective is to be different!
I Remain!

 rplayin 's Details
Status: Married Dec 16 2008
Looking for: Sharp Minds vote for me!
Hometown: Houston, TX USA
Body type: 5' 9 " w/shoes on
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Children: Someday
Education: Self Educated/College
Occupation: www.masticmasters.com
Passion: www.zeographix.com


Web Designs Music/ Rock-n-Rap
Reading Gaming/working
Writing Surfing Web/learning
Culture & Art Longevity/health
Movies Sports/Jogging/Football
News Dreaming...
Passionate, Intense, Genius,Charming
Self motivated, Creative, honest, sincere
My First Novel: Tne E.D.E.N Project


rplayin's FRIENDS:

Mozarts and Einsteins
J. sQuared Queen LuLu J.sQuared J. sQuared SUE JIN SUE JIN
Cute & Quaint
The Simpsons
I Love rplayin!
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